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Dmitry Golubchikov is current AMD World Champion in customizing, founder and owner of custom workshop ZILLERS MOTORCYCLES. He has university degree in Engineering Constructor and been crafting, creating and remodeling various equipment through his life. ZILLERS MOTORCYCLES has extensive expertise in custom motorbikes and racing cars. Over the years, workshop has gained great experience and technical base (equipment and experienced team) for creating motorbikes for individual projects.
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We will help you realize your wishes or offer your own options for customizing your motorcycle
ZILLERS MOTORCYCLES specialises in manufacturing motorcycles for individual projects - customization. Over the past years ZILLERS MOTORCYCLES projects have won many prizes at Russian and foreign exhibitions and shows. ZILLERS MOTORCYCLES is four times Champion of Russia.
In 2018 Dmitriy Golubchikov and ZILLERS MOTORCYCLES won AMD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in Cologne, Germany.
In 2019 came the main prize at YOKOHAMA HOT ROD CUSTOM SHOW in Japan.
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